I’m not technically a wizard, but I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve for you.

I've got some tricks

I've got

Having gone from working 2 (sometimes 3) jobs to make ends meet, to creating a thriving, multiple 6-figure business (for myself and my clients), I know what it takes to build a sustainable, scalable business without burning out. And I’m going to help you take your side hustle full time.

some tricks

Things you’d learn about me over a cup of bespoke earl grey tea


I’ve always been a processes girl

At 7 years old, I was constantly refining the order I did the dishes in to maximize counter space, get back to my games quicker, and (of course) get the gold star from Mum.


I drink 120 oz. of water EVERY day

I learned early on that I can take epic care of my clients when I take good care of myself. Self care isn’t just about increasing productivity - though that is a happy coincidence.


I helped my uncle figure out how to expand his business in spite of competing with a monopolY

Even as a teenager, seeing strategy and creative next steps came naturally to me. Owning what you’re already good at - along with a solid foundation - is what makes a VA epic.

“Stillness is necessary but action is required. Your voice is necessary but your quietness is required. Your brain must be engaged but your heart has to play a part in your decisions.”

And this is my mantra!

From ultra-shy introvert to multiple 6-figure VA and OBM
here’s a bit about why I do what I do.


6-figure VA and OBM,

6-figure VA and OBM,

Until well into my 30s, I was so shy that I would freeze even trying to order a pizza over the phone. It made most things just a little harder, including making a living. Then in 2014, my kid asked for something way out of her highly introverted, socially anxious character: to go on a school trip – to Iceland. Shy or not, I had to make it happen.

Thankfully, I accidentally listed my transcription side hustle services on a Virtual Assistant freelance job board. A few gigs later, I found my first retainer client and, within four years, helped her scale from $50/hr to her first $1M year. While helping other amazing solopreneurs scale from 5 to 6+ (even 7!) figures, I made like a Hogwarts potions master and documented everything, from easy discovery calls to epic client onboarding to growing my team.

p.s. My kid had a BLAST in Iceland!

Love notes from clients

Travel? Yes, please!!

Family - the heart of my big "why"

That’s why I’m sharing my #EpicVA recipes and spells processes and strategies with you

There are few things I love more than mentoring aspiring Virtual Assistants and watching them blossom in their own epic VA practices.








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