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Mindset & Selfcare

Why Mindset Matters

The most important trait to possess as a business owner is a positive mindset. But, here is why mindset matters. There’s more to it than you may realise.

Mindset & Selfcare

How to Keep a Positive Mind

Sometimes it can feel like a struggle to keep up with all the aspects of being an entrepreneur. Here are some tips that will halp bring sanity to your life.

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6 self-care tips for VAs

How do you keep your mental and physical health in tip-top shape so you can be your best, most creative, motivated self, for you and for your clients?

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4 B.S. Myths About VAs Everyone Thinks Are True

No matter how many years you spend as a Virtual Assistant (VA), you’ll hear myths about our industry that will make your blood boil. Here are our faves.

Mindset & Selfcare

Exhausted by Work? Try This!

For an entrepreneur, work exhaustion is a common struggle. There will never be a day long enough to get everything done, and it can often seem like things are piling up or falling behind. After a few months of 16 hour days and 7 day weeks, you might eventually start to feel exhausted going to bed, exhausted waking up, and like a complete zombie in between.







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