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Essential VA Systems and Tools for New Virtual Assistants

As a new Virtual Assistant you might feel overwhelmed at how much you have to learn. You’re not alone and it’s totally natural.  The good news is that you don’t have to overthink the systems and tools you need to get your business up and running. With a few simple systems and free tools and […]

Just Getting Started, Lessons & Guides, Let's Ramp It Up, Mindset & Selfcare

Where To Find Clients as a Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant looking for your first clients, how long would you expect to wait before one of your pitches gets you a yes? Would you be willing to take 100 Noes before you get to your first client signing on the dotted line? In an interview, actor Dallas Bryce Howard once told Marie […]

Just Getting Started, Lessons & Guides, Let's Ramp It Up, Mindset & Selfcare

Beat Analysis Paralysis And Sign Your First Virtual Assistant Client

Browse pretty much any Virtual Assistant group on Facebook and you’ll see at least one post per week from a brand new, enthusiastic Virtual Assistant who’s finally decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship looking for their first client. We are the 21st century’s breed of creative, knowledgeable and highly focused entrepreneurs who do valuable […]

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How the First Law Of Thermodynamics Can Help You Stay Productive

Let’s play “choose your own adventure.” The scene: You arrive home from a busy (but rewarding) day at work. You go into the kitchen for a beverage and see the sink is full of that morning’s dirty dishes. There’s a pile of mail to sort through. And you plan to cook dinner for your family. […]

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Lessons & Guides, Mindset & Selfcare

Pushing Myself Out Of My Comfort Zone Led To My Biggest Life Events

Potentially uncomfortable situations requires us to push through our fight or flight response and out of our comfort zone. But boy, can it ever be worth it.

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Why Mindset Matters

The most important trait to possess as a business owner is a positive mindset. But, here is why mindset matters. There’s more to it than you may realise.

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How to Keep a Positive Mind

Sometimes it can feel like a struggle to keep up with all the aspects of being an entrepreneur. Here are some tips that will halp bring sanity to your life.

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6 self-care tips for VAs

How do you keep your mental and physical health in tip-top shape so you can be your best, most creative, motivated self, for you and for your clients?

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4 B.S. Myths About VAs Everyone Thinks Are True

No matter how many years you spend as a Virtual Assistant (VA), you’ll hear myths about our industry that will make your blood boil. Here are our faves.

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Exhausted by Work? Try This!

For an entrepreneur, work exhaustion is a common struggle. There will never be a day long enough to get everything done, and it can often seem like things are piling up or falling behind. After a few months of 16 hour days and 7 day weeks, you might eventually start to feel exhausted going to bed, exhausted waking up, and like a complete zombie in between.







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