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The Epic Virtual Assistant’s Guide to Client Discovery Calls

A discovery call (aka a sales call), is usually the first face-to-face conversation you’ll have with a prospective client to learn if you’ll make a good working fit. It can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it, but it’s a hugely valuable part of your business. Not only do discovery calls lead to paying […]

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How to invest in your business when you’re just starting out

There are two things every solopreneur can invest in their business: time and money. That’s what they say anyway, but there are actually 5. The other three are, energy, effort, and focus. When I started as a Virtual Assistant, I didn’t invest a penny into my business for six months. I still managed to sign […]

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Scale Your Virtual Assistant Business to $50 Per Hour

We go into business for all sorts of reasons: to make our own schedules, to wave goodbye to  insufferable bosses, to help other people in a meaningful way, and to make more money. As a new business owner, how do you measure the progress of your VA practice? Your mission statement is always a good […]

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The Nurturing Power in Your Calendar

“A business is a living entity, breathing, growing, and making an impact on nature.”  – John Omokayode That quote isn’t the only one you’ll find on the internet to describe a business as an independently conscious being. Your business needs a lot of the same things as a living organism to survive: Shelter (aka infrastructure) […]

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How to Package Your Social Media Marketing Services

Clients like to know exactly what they’re getting—and, of course, what it’s going to cost them! So – offer a package! Here’s how.

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Getting Started As A Virtual Assistant (VA)

Ever see Facebook ads or marketing pieces for Virtual Assistants (VAs) and wonder how they got started, found their niche, built their network and became successful? That’s what we’re here to help you with!

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How to focus your effort to reel in high quality leads with Worksheet

The good news is that finding qualified leads doesn’t have to be a tortuous, fruitless or drawn out process with no reward.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Paid… On Time!

The success of any business, especially small businesses and start-ups, often hinges on having a consistent cash flow. Ignore your cash flow, or let it sit on the back burner for too long, and your entire business could go up in smoke.

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Master Your Mission Statement – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Mission statements are a critical part of all business planning. They’re created to help businesses avoid wasting massive amounts of time and resources on things that aren’t really moving the core mission forward. Writing a powerful Mission Statement means that everybody in the organization keeps the purpose of the business in mind with everything they do, and management decisions become much clearer.

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Clients to Advocates in 3 Easy Steps

Finding high paying clients are great, but even better is when a client finds them for you and brings them to your door. Clients like these are your unofficial advocates, who are actively promoting you in private meetings and casual conversations whenever the subject of your services comes up. They also spend time thinking of other people you might want to call, and pass you their information with the promise that they’ll vouch for you if asked.







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