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The Benefits of Investing in Yourself

Self care is a must. But what I’m talking about here is financially investing in yourself. Why? Because you are your business and guess what? You matter!

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Why I’m Taking the Wheel On My Copy

LOTS of businesses, big and small, have others write copy of their behalf. Here’s why I realised that I made a mistake to do this…

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How Much Should You Charge for Your Work?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, imposter syndrome and self-doubt can often have you haggling with your self when setting your pricing.

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Get a Jump On Making Plans for the New Year!

What better start to a new year than making a plan for your biz? It’s a psychological marker and a calendar marker, and one that you shouldn’t ignore.

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How to Package Your Social Media Marketing Services

Clients like to know exactly what they’re getting—and, of course, what it’s going to cost them! So – offer a package! Here’s how.

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4 Major Differences Between an OBM and a VA

I get asked the differences a lot from potential clients and people deciding whether they want to be a Virtual Assistant or an Online Business Manager.

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5 Hard Truths of Entrepreneurship

There are many tough truths to learn from having a biz. Here are five we’ve learned from running our own practices, as well as Virtual Assistant Studio.

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Do’s and Don’ts for keeping top clients

At this level, you’re starting to build your reputation in the industry, so it’s imperative to make each client’s experience the best it can be.

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Getting Started As A Virtual Assistant (VA)

Ever see Facebook ads or marketing pieces for Virtual Assistants (VAs) and wonder how they got started, found their niche, built their network and became successful? That’s what we’re here to help you with!

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6 self-care tips for VAs

How do you keep your mental and physical health in tip-top shape so you can be your best, most creative, motivated self, for you and for your clients?







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